Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

It’s no secret that dental visits, even the most routine, can give many patients anxiety. In fact, many people completely put off going to their dentist because of their nerves. This is, obviously, unhealthy since good oral hygiene is one of the most important habits a person can develop at a young age.

Here at Reason 2 Smile Dental, we understand that many patients feel nervous and anxious about their dental appointment. This is why we offer multiple types of sedation to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible. Read more

Hazardous Habits To Your Teeth

When it comes to proper care of our teeth, most of us are aware of how to keep them clean and healthy. However, there are a number of hazardous habits that take a toll on your teeth, and you probably aren’t familiar with many of them. This means that brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits aren’t the only factors in maintaining a beautiful smile.

In addition to brushing and flossing regularly, patients are advised to avoid habits like nail biting, as it can cause a variety of dental problems. Other habits, such as grinding teeth, continually wears them down and increases your risk of fracturing and losing teeth. Simply put, teeth are delicate and require constant care to stay clean and strong. Read more