Dental Extraction: All About Tooth Removal

While it is ideal to keep your natural teeth for your entire life, sometimes this isn’t feasible. Circumstances can arise that require some teeth to be extracted. It’s likely that the majority of your teeth will remain healthy for years, especially with proper oral hygiene. However, there are some instances where it is in your best interest to have a dental extraction.

At Reason 2 Smile Dental in Salt Lake City, we try our best to save our patients teeth from requiring a dental extraction. Of course, instances like wisdom teeth removal will surely arise at some point, the rest of your teeth should not require dental extraction. There are a number of reasons why we may have to do so, however. Read more

Why You Should Have Your Teeth Cleaned

Regular teeth cleanings are essential if you want a healthy set of teeth and gums. While brushing and flossing are beneficial, alone they are not enough. In order to properly protect your teeth from damage, you should visit Reason 2 Smile Dental in Salt Lake City every 3 months for a professional teeth cleaning.

Before you schedule your appointment, let our knowledgeable staff fill you in on the reasons why you should have your teeth cleaned.

Keep Your Teeth White

First thing’s first, if you want your teeth to be as white and shiny as possible, you should get them professionally cleaned. Many dentists recommend a cleaning every six months, and while this is better than nothing, a cleaning is needed more often than that. Read more