5 of the Best Foods For Your Teeth

Maintaining strong oral health takes a lot of work. That’s right, it takes more work than just regularly brushing your teeth, flossing, and visiting your dentist for routine checkups and cleanings. Maintaining a healthy diet is equally important to your dental well being as all of the above factors.

At Reason 2 Smile Dental, we encourage our patients to put in the hard work that’s necessary for achieving a bright, healthy smile. It’s certainly worth the effort! Try our teeth whitening service in addition to healthy eating to expedite your path towards a beautiful smile. Read more

What Was Dentistry Like for Pirates?

Amidst a vibrant life of looting, plundering and treasure hunting, it makes sense that dental health might have taken a back seat for pirates. You’ve seen them smile in movies; their teeth are brown, rotten, or missing altogether. Pirates are notorious for, among other things, abhorrent dental hygiene (the kind that would give modern dentists absolute fits).

At Reason 2 Smile Dental, we’re grateful for the modern resources that help to keep our smiles bright, white and shiny. Come into our Salt Lake City office for our cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening services. But before calling us, learn more about dentistry in the age of pirates. Read more