Sedation Dentistry in Salt Lake City

Do you or a loved one suffer from crippling fear or anxiety when it comes to dental work? No need to worry, you’re not alone. Over 75 million people in the United States avoid dental work for just that reason. This has resulted in poor oral health for millions of people and families. At Reason 2 Smile our staff are committed to your complete comfort and ease. We know dental care is vital to good oral health and longevity of teeth.

We understand the fears that come along with dental care and concerns. As such, we provide many options, medically, to ease dental anxiety and leave you with a pleasant experience. Did you know, however, that Sedation Dentistry isn’t just for anxiety? Read on to hear about some of the other medical conditions that would affect dental work and how sedation can help. Read more

New Year Dental Resolutions

We’ve probably all made resolutions to become healthier and improve ourselves in one way or another. Healthy teeth and gums should be on everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list. When you’ve invested so much time and money into achieving your perfect smile, why wouldn’t you want to also strive for the healthiest teeth and gums possible? At Reason 2 Smile Dental, we want you to have the benefits that come from good oral hygiene. This BLOG post will go over some ideas for New Year’s resolutions to promote healthy teeth and gums. Read more