Is Diet Soda Better for Your Teeth?

There’s nothing more thirst-quenching for most people than a cool soda on a hot summer day. However, you may be like half of the American population who has a soda about every day, which can actually be a problem for your health. You may think diet soda is better for you because there is no sugar, but this isn’t the case. The problem with soda doesn’t just consist of the sugar content within the concoction; there are other factors to take into account.

Nonetheless, you may still want to drink soda, but you don’t want to deal with the complications it causes. This is why you should always have a general dentist you can go to and see every 6 months for a cleaning. Reason 2 Smile Dental will be able to provide you with all the support you need to guarantee you have a healthier mouth when you leave and an oral schedule you can follow to cement this hygienic smile. Contact us now if you want to learn more about these services we provide or if you want to schedule an appointment. Read more

What are the Effects of Chewing Ice?

For many people, there is nothing more relaxing than chewing on some pieces of ice during a blistering hot day during the summer. There’s nothing wrong with a little hard ice every now and then. However, when you continuously chew ice every day you are increasing your chances of dental problems. Additionally, when you are constantly craving ice than you may be suffering from some forms of mental condition, which isn’t good to leave untreated.

Despite this, when it comes to chewing ice, the biggest problem is the damage it will do your teeth. Thankfully, there are dentists around who can fix the harm done from doing this and provide you with some sort of resolution to prevent you from attempting it again. Reason 2 Smile Dental has been able to provide people with all kinds of services to improve their dental concerns. Contact us now if you want to know more about these treatments or if you want to schedule an appointment with us. Read more