Foods That Help Your Teeth Enamel

We all know it’s important to take care of our teeth, which is why dentists recommend you brush your teeth twice a day. You can scrub away any of the bacteria sitting on top of your teeth. However, flossing is just as crucial because it can take out any hidden foods sitting in your teeth. Taking care of your teeth doesn’t just stop with your morning and nighttime routine, though. Food has a factor in how durable your teeth are, especially your enamel.

Identifying which foods to eat and which to avoid is an important factor to consider when out and about. Thankfully, Reason 2 Smile Dental has all the tools needed to ensure your teeth are forming and working properly. Being a family dentistry we will provide you with all of the services other general practitioners offer but with a pleasant vibe only we can gift you. We will be able to clean your teeth thoroughly while also meticulously examining it so nothing insidious develops. Contact us now to schedule your check-up or to see what other services we can provide.

Food Strengthening Your Enamel

What you eat has a major factor in how your body performs, which is why you should always eat a well-balanced meal. However, there are certain foods you should consider more into your diet because of how beneficial they can be for your teeth. For instance, cheese is a great source of calcium and protein; nutrients boosting the strength of your tooth enamel. It has been shown to raise the pH level in your mouth and lower the risk of decay in your teeth.

Leafy greens like kale and spinach are other great sources for teeth empowerment. Similar to cheese, they have a high content of calcium. But the major benefit is the fact they contain folic acid, which has been shown to improve gum strength in pregnant women. Even gum can help clean your teeth, but it needs to be sugarless to accomplish this. The gum increases the saliva production, which helps wash out any sitting bacteria.

Food Hurting Your Enamel

Just like there is food capable of increasing your teeth’s health, there is food with the power to damage it. We all know about soda being bad for teeth, because of the caffeination and high sugar content. Sour candy is equally as bad because of the acidic content included in these foods, which is only worsened because the candy can stick to your teeth. Although, not many people realize citrusy foods can also damage your enamel. The acidity breaks down your enamel and makes it easier for bacteria to creep in.

Reason 2 Smile Dental Will Empower Your Teeth

You are already making a conscious decision on what to eat because you want to ingest something that will make you feel good. Take this a step further and start eating more foods capable of empowering your teeth. Reason 2 Smile Dental has the tools to assist you, though, were you in need. We have been assisting people in the Salt Lake City region for years and we plan on continuing this endeavor for many more. Contact us now to see how much stronger your teeth can be or to learn more about our other available services.